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British Pub night. Tudor Arms, Stockholm. Friday 6th May 18.00 - 23.00

Everyone welcome!
Plus 1's or "plus multis" welcome, but make separate sign ups for everyone coming.
This pub night comes from a suggestion in the group by Nina Westerlund is hosted by Nina and Garry Jones.
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Friday 6th May - Pub = 164, food = 158.
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We aim to eat from 19.00 when we have reserved a section of the pub's restaurant.

Tudor Arms
Grevgatan 31, Östermalm. Stockholm
Take the underground to Östermalmstorget. Exit Östermalmstorget, Sibyllegatan. Walk towards the Hedvig Eleonora Church. Cut through the pedestrianised end of Storgatan and walk past the church keeping it on your right. Walk down Storgatan and cross a few streets; after 350 metres you come to the crossing of Grevgatan and Storgatan. Turn left and the pub is on your left.

If you intend eating you will need to sign up latest on 29th April
Please sign up here before 3rd May if you intend coming to the pub to drink. The sooner the better if you intend coming so we can give the pub an idea of numbers. Last time we met there it was a bit of a drop-in basis which worked well. Around 75 of us turned up at some point during the evening when we did this pre-Covid. So don't worry if you can't make it for 18.00. Ask at the bar if you want to find us.

Personal Data
I will delete all personal data collected on 7th May. I will only use it to contact people if need arises, for example a last minute change of venue. I will not pass it on to any third party. Telephone and email addresses are optional and not necessary to sign up here.

Changing options?
Just sign up again with the same name and click your new options.

Sign up again with the same name and write cancel in the comment section. Or drop me an email.

Group Names
The group Menace to Sobriety is a kind of sub group that branched off from the Brits in Stockholm group. Nina has posted about this in Brits in Sweden as well. Group members from all the groups and their friends and family are welcome. The advantage of an external sign up is it is easier to keep tabs on numbers and people who are not on Facebook can sign up. In fact Facebook Events when people are in several groups and bringing plus 1s who are not in the group is a big no-no. The Brit Preservation Society is a small group of British friends who I (Garry) have had contact with for many years.

In case you are wondering. I am going to release my "Life in Sverige" website on this domain. In the meantime I intend to use this for any group events as the Facebook Event page is insufficient for the purpose as people like to bring their plus ones (and are very welcome to) who are not members of the group so they can not use the event sign up facility.

Garry Jones, 20th April

076 028 7242